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Deep Lists Property

This assumes that you have already set up an order schema and that you would like to add a deep list property. The Deep Lists property enables a user to populate a number of fields on an order by selecting a value from a drop down. The Deep Lists property is built upon the advanced… Read More »

Attaching Files to Order Submissions

As of build 893 you can now set up your Order Schemas to include file attachments. Files can be attached at both the Order level and the item level. When a file has been attached to an order it will be listed in the Documents page as unpublished with the Order Workflow Id listed. Once… Read More »

Calculated properties

Calculated properties are readonly order properties that are evaluated using an Expression. A calculated field includes a calculate button to process the expression. When clicked the expression evaluation routing is triggered. All form values are injected into the expression as a dictionary. The dictionary is the root object and can be accessed using the #root… Read More »