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Creating user accounts

To create a new user account on your labPortal, Select the Settings > People page in the menu at the top right:

Select the Settings > People Menu

At the top of the page, click Add a new person:

Click "Add a new person"

Fill in the First Name, Last Name and Email fields:

Fill in the new user details

The password field will be randomly generated with a ‘reasonably readable’ password. The user can change their password through their personal menu once logged in.

If the “Email password to user” option is checked, once created the user will receive an email informing them of their login credentials and where they can log in.

Once the account has been created, you will be presented with the Edit person form:

Add person form

The group field is populated by the available groups for users, the standard terms are:

Admin – Full access to everything
Client – Staff who should see all data on labPortal
User – Your customers

The ‘Filters’ field defines which data is visible to the user and will include all filters currently attached to documents and samples on your labPortal, as well as any filters added through the Filter Settings page (available to Admins only).

Checking “User is locked out” will prevent the user from accessing their account. This value is automatically checked if the user enters their password incorrectly too many times in a short period of time.

At the top of the user settings page are three buttons:

The ‘Edit Password’ button will give you a page which allows you to change their password. Note that the password shown on this page is not their current password, it is only a randomly generated suggestion:

Edit Password page

The “Delete” button will permanently delete the user. This cannot be undone.

The “Events” button will show a list of events for the user account, such as account creation, password changes by admins and login attempts to help you debug any problems users report while logging in:


User Events