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List Learning

When adding a list or deep list to your order schema, there is a new option under the list key labelled “Enable Add New”:

Enable Add New

When this option is enabled and default settings, the list will then have an ‘Add New Entry’ button on the orders page:

Add New Entry Deep ListClicking this button gives the user a window in which they can fill in a new entry:

Add New Deep List Entry

Once the user has filled in the details and clicked “Add Entry”, the data will be permanently added to the list which backs the dropdown menu, and can then be selected in the future by any user.

When creating a deep list field, you can also disable the Key property by unchecking the tickbox. This should be used if the key and value for the list are always the same, and the user will then see a single merged key/value on the new order page:

Deep List with no key

Which appears to the user as:

Add New Deep List Entry with no key

You can also set the deep properties to ‘Dropdown’ on the order schema page, which will mean that when adding a new entry, the user must select an existing value rather than being able to type in an arbitrary value:

Deep List Dropdown Type

Which appears to the user as:

Add new deep list property with dropdown