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By | 8th June 2015


The knowledge hub is a simple blogging system which allows you to create HTML or plain text articles and assign them to specific clients. From the Knowledge Hub settings page, simply select a Filter, and enter an article Title and Text and click Save.

After saving the article, it will appear in the list for the assigned Filter.

Saved Knowledge Hub

Every article has 3 buttons visible to those with the ‘Edit Content’ permission: Edit, Delete Entry and Delete Content. Delete Entry will remove the article from the currently selected filter (in this case ‘AIS’). This will then make the article unassigned, and it can be re-assigned to filters through the edit button. The Delete Content button will permanently delete the knowledge hub article.

The list of knowledge hub articles can be temporarily hidden by clicking the ‘Hide’ button, and shown again by clicking the ‘Show’ button which will appear.

On the Edit page, you can assign a knowledge hub article to more than one filter through the multi-select dropdown:


When HTML is added to the Text, the Save button will change to a ‘Validate and preview HTML’ button, when clicked the HTML will be validated (checked for correctness and safety), and should both test pass then a preview of the HTML will be shown:


The following rules apply to the HTML input which must be followed to be considered valid:

  • The <script> tag may not be used
  • None of the Javascript event attributes may be used (e.g. ‘onclick’, ‘onload’, ‘onscroll’ etc.)
  • href attributes may not contain Javascript
  • The entire HTML must be contained in a single tag (if this is not followed, a <div> container will automatically be added)

A user will have access to the Knowledge Hub if they are in a group with the ‘View Knowledge Hub’ permission and at least one filter.

Users with access to the Knowledge Hub will see a help menu in the top right hand corner (as opposed to the single link to this help site):


From this page, the user will see the 20 most recent knowledge hub articles, with page controls to navigate further backward:


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