Monthly Archives: December 2014

Announcing Documents V2

The documents module has been updated to support a number of new features

  • Documents can be linked to Jobs, Samples and Orders ,
  • Publishing Workflow
  • Any document can now be uploaded
  • Enhanced Search Features
  • Files are now stored in Azure for better availability and security
  • New Documents API
  • New Bridge Tools

Document Linking & Publishing Workflow

Files can be be uploaded and linked to a number of different Entities within labPortal. Using the new Documents API you can now associate different metadata properties to the file. options include

  • JobKeys Payload this property with a comma separated list of job numbers
  • SampleKeys Payload this property with a comma separated list of sample numbers

When the file is uploaded the file will be replicated to Azure for storage. If neither JobKeys or SampleKeys properties are associated with the file, the file will be put into an “unpublished” state.  To publish the document a user who has the “PublishDocuments” permission enabled will have to go to the documents page and publish the files mark with a red exclamation mark. If you are confident with the publishing process you can have unlinked files autopublished by updating the Contract table with the “EnableDocumentsV2AutoPublishNullFilter=true”

In addition to Samples and Jobs the new Documents module is used to store images that are associated with Orders. This enables Order registration workflows where the user can attached a document to the order.

Enhanced Search Function

The Search box will take either of the ids or the file name that you want to search for. If you know that the id you are searching for is a job or sample id you can now use a search prefix which will make the query perform much better.

Available search prefixes are:

Prefix Description Example
job: Search on job id= LIMS Job Id job:123456
sample: Search on sample id= LIMS Sample Number sample:123456
name: Search on file name name:testfile
orderid: Search on order id orderid:123456
workflowid: Search on workflow id workflowid:12345

Azure Storage

All documents are replicated to the Microsoft Azure Storage. When you download a file you download it directly from Azure.

Azure Storage stores multiple copies of your documents. This insures that your files are securely hosted and backup.

New Documents API

To support the new documents module a new REST API has been deployed. The prevent unauthorised access to the API it is secured using HTTP BASIC Auth. You will need to set up a user on labPortal who has the Permission ApiAccess. This user should then be used when generating the Auth credentials for the HTTP Requests.

The REST API enables 3rd party applications to upload and download documents, it is the same API that is used by the Bridge tools.

The REST API documentation is available

New Bridge Tools

Leveraging the new REST API the Bridge tools have been updated with a new publishing workflow.

Attaching Files to Order Submissions

As of build 893 you can now set up your Order Schemas to include file attachments. Files can be attached at both the Order level and the item level.

When a file has been attached to an order it will be listed in the Documents page as unpublished with the Order Workflow Id listed. Once the order has been placed the file will be published and accessible to everybody who has the associated filter. The file’s ‘Keywords’ field will be updated with the OrderId and linked so that you can navigate from the file to the Order.