Monthly Archives: November 2014

Content Pages

labPortal’s basic content management system (CMS) enables the ability to create basic content pages.

To create a page you first have to navigate to the page url you would like to create

The pagename segment should be substituted with the name of the page you would like to create. You will be taken to a blank page with no content.

If you have the “ContentEdit” permission enabled for your user you will see an “Edit” link to be able to edit the content. Clicking through to the edit page takes you to the edit control that you can use to edit the content of the page.

labPortal provides a rich content editor called MarkDown rather than using complex HTML,.

More details of the syntax of MarkDown are available here . . .

Setting the default Home Page

To use your newly created content page as the default home page you need to take the “Slug” from the URL and it to the Contract table with the key DefaultSlug

The  section of the URL in blod is the “Slug”.  If you dont have access to your Contract table please consult who will update your Contract table for you.